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Menopause and sore nipples
st1960 posted:
Is there any relation to menopause and sore nipples? Last September I was told that I was menopausal and am currently am not taking any hormones, but have noticed that for the past four or five days my nipples have been sore to the touch. Is this normal?
Mary Jane Minkin, MD responded:
Dear st1960,
Sounds like you are still making a bit of estrogen. There are a number of posts on this site from women with the same complaint, and you may want to take a look at them, to show to yourself that you are in good company. The likeliest explanation is that although most of the time you are making very little estrogen, your ovaries may have "woken up" to make a bit of estrogen-and as your breasts have been used to a very low level for a while, they are extra sensitive.
This should subside on its own, but a few things can help. Decrease your caffeine intake as much as you comfortably can. And a vitamin "cocktail" of B6 (100-200 mg a day); E (200-400 units) and evening primrose oil capsules (2 a day) seems to help a lot of women.
If the discomfort persists for several weeks, do check in with your health care provider.
Good luck,
Mary Jane