meshellz1961 posted:
I am 52 yrs. old haven't had a period for about a year and a half no sex drive what so ever and if and when we do have sex I end up with a UTI(urinary track infection) every time another reason I don't like having sex. I also have vaginal dryness. Having menopause sucks big time. I use to like being spontaneous now we need to use lubricants and it's just not worth it anymore I feel bad for my husband. I am not on any hormones I did want to try bio identical hormones did talk to my dr. About it and he just said they were pretty much all the same so I am confused and just not sure. and now my nipples started getting sore about 3 days ago. We ladies have to go through a lot just not fair. Is there something I can take to help get back some of my sex drive and help with dryness? And for the sore nipples. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
kimb0418 responded:
Hi Meshellz1961,
I feel for you, but don't give up. I, too, was having trouble with vaginal dryness & had a decline in libido. I recently tried Estriol cream - by Smoky Mountain Naturals (get it on line at their own website or amazon - read the reviews, too). It has worked like a charm after using it for just 4 days. Pro-gest cream by Emerita has helped with the low libido. I got that at Whole Foods. Look on Emerita's website for more info & reviews. These two products are bio identical hormones. You should have your hormone levels checked to see what hormones are missing & replace what is necessary. Again, don't give up - there is hope. You may also want to get the book "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause" by John R. Lee, M.D. I found it to be very informative. Good luck.
meshellz1961 replied to kimb0418's response:
Kimb0418 Thank you for the information I will definitely look for the book and look into the Estriol cream and Pro- gest cream and get my hormone levels checked again to see what hormones are missing. Thanks again for your help it means a lot.