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Menopausal sympton (maybe)
sharon0053 posted:
Months ago I started experiencing what felt like "heat rash" all over my bbody when I would have hot flashes. The only physical rash (but it has faded) was on my neck. So I decided to try hormone therapy to ssee if there would be some reduction in the "hot flashes" and the "heat rash" (although no physical rashes appear). I'm happy to say that flot flashes have greatly decreased, but whenever I am overheated (too many clothes on inside a building) (or the temp around me is higher than 75 or 80 degrees) I break out inching all over my body. The hormone therapy has not helped this. With it being winter, of course, not much problem cooling off, but what will I do when the weather warms up. I'm very frustrated and miserable. HELP...somebody...somewhere.
Mary Jane Minkin, MD responded:
Dear Sharon0053,
Interesting problem-we really don't know the exact mechanism of hot flashes; we think that the thermoregulatory center in the brain does become disrupted, and estrogen therapy does help with readjustments. Do try layered dressing-so that you can get rid of centrally generated heat as readily as you can. You may need to check in with your dermatologist as well, if these symptoms do persist.
Good luck,
Mary Jane