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    39 w/Horrible PMS or PERIMENOPAUSE
    MelanieAR2003 posted:
    Hi, I am 39 yrs old and for the past 2 yrs I think I?ve been going through PERIMENOPAUSE or it?s just HORRIBLE PMS?First of all I've had my tubes tied for 18 yrs and I've been on thyroid medicine for 17 yrs and I get my levels checked every year so I know it's none of those things...I just want to know if there is anyone out there my age going through the same thing I am?Night sweats where just from my chest up is soak and wet, but I only have this happen a week or so before my period is to start, then there?s the restless sleeping at the same time?My periods(7 days) are irregular also, the first day is light, the second heavier, I stop the third day and I might start back up for one day before my period is to end, and the rest of the time I spot that nasty brown stuff?But I tell you I?d rather have all the physical symptoms then the emotional ones?Mood swings, Huge Anxiety, Irritability, Tearfulness, Aggression, Trouble concentrating, the blah numb feeling etc., sometimes mine comes a week or so before my period, during it, or I get them after I?m done and then here comes the next one?is there anyone else that feels like we never get a break from this crap?My wonderful husband and mother always tell me that all this is normal and all women go through it, but we all know that you can be told this a dozen times and you'll still think something else is wrong with you other then what your being told...Sorry for the book but I just needed to vent because believe it or not it's that time of the month (YIPEE) plus I didn't want to forget anything...Thank You For Reading.
    sb1958 responded:
    It DOES sound like perimenopause. It seemed I had some minor PMS symptoms a couple of days prior to my menses until my mid-forties. Then it seemed PMS was a lot more intense and started a whole week before my menses. It did that for a few years. Just before my 48th birthday, my menses became very irregular....skipping every other cycle for the first six mos. That's when the mood swings became horrible and I started having occasional night sweats mixed with severe anxiety [when they would wake me up out of a sound sleep>. I took a supplement which helped with the night sweats and my menses went from @ every month and a half or more to every 20-21 days. It concerned me some [until I learned that this is also pretty common>, but I got off the supplement because of some concerns I had with it, so I'm not sure how much the supplement played into this along with a normal progression, but now I, once again, have not had my menses for nearly two mos. [@ the same time this started last year> and the night sweats are increasing and I am also starting to get hot flashes [I don't actually sweat a lot, but the heat is intense and followed by chills>. The mood instability and irritability had also really increased when I got off the supplement I was taking, but I think it's starting to improve some with the St. John's Wort which I've been on for close to a month. It's hard to say if the black cohosh is helping since it occurred at the same time my menses stopped. Also hard to say how much my lifestyle is contributing to this as I know a poor diet and lack of exercise can contribute to sweats/flashes etc. and I've definitely been "off the wagon" more this past year than on it [sigh>. Looks like I wrote a book back but, the point is....yes, it does seem like it's "normal".
    shanangel72 responded:
    WOW! I think I have found my twin. lol...well, I am 35 and have also had my tubes tide since I was 21, so 14 yrs now...@ age 26 started getting acne, never had anything like it in my life, actually never wore makeup, went from dr. to dr. and kept telling each one that I have researched and researched acne and I dont have anything like any of the symptoms, or looks. Until I got a lump on my chest a dr. told me after surgery that I need to have my hormone level checked, so I pcp put me on birth control to offset some hormones...didnt touch the acne...then last march I went to my gyno..and she switched me to another bcp...which cleared my face right I knew I was right, it was low progesterone...after awhile I started getting breakthru bleeding in different times of the month, so my gyno changed me to a stronger bcp, I turned into the devil I contacted a pharmacy around here that does the "natural" hormone replacement. (before I get into that, my mood a little over a year ago started to change, I would get into moods and once in that mood I was stuck for the whole day, no matter what I did, tried to think a different way, I was just not myself, I was mean. I thought it was depression, or pmdd, or post tramatic syndrome from a fire a few yrs ago. so I was started on zoloft, since after I researched that was one for post tram. syn. and didnt make you gain weight. so now I was on bcp and zoloft. at this point I got engaged, and probablly due to him knowing me before the person I have become) back to the hormones...this lady told me all of the symptoms of perimenopause and I had every single symptom...mood swings...sweats...loss of labito...and she told me I need to get my levels checked, which I cant do unless I quite all the meds I am taking, bcp, etc...I let her know that the bcp is the only thing keeping my face clear, I have been going to a dermotologist for about 6 months...and I am getting married in april, and could not go off of this right now until after the she told me to get a supplememt called primerose...and another called am/pm perimenopause. one you take in am one in pm...the pm is great as it has something to help sleep...I have also not had anymore night sweats, or day sweats for that matter...but the mood swings are still not sure if I know am taking too problem now is I cannot get my fiance to understand, I have no patience with him to explain it over and over...he thinks I am not attracted to him due to no labito...I have patience with the kids...but he drives me nuts because he doesnt understand...another thing I was told by this lady was when you have your tubes tied it puts you into menopause 5 yrs sooner...she explained this as, you still have your parts but when your tubes are tied it stops blood flow to your ovaries and makes them age faster...which made perfect sense, being so young. when reading your message...It was like reading all my symptoms...I cant control my anger or frustrations...its disturbing...and is ruining my trying to tell him that is not in my control and I want to change and I am doing everything I know how to do... Have you found anything to help you? myself I am a mess...some days I dont go to work, I just want to he home...sometimes the opposite...if you have seen the movie...Narnia, there is a part in it where they are going to kill the lion...I just started to ball and made him turn the movie off, I couldnt handle it...which I am sensitive with animals but oh gosh...not for a movie...and he even told me he comes back to life... Im sorry for taking up so much of your time I was just reading your symptoms and they are just like the ones I am having...I have to fix this, it is horrible and feel like if I dont fix it I will lose everyone I love and care about...Shannon
    the_ma responded:
    I'm 47 and have been going through peri for 8 or maybe even 10 years now. It's taken me until the last several years to find the right combination of supplements to balance myself. I should also report that I take a mild antidepressent, (Trazadone), and go on a stronger antidepressent when my clinical depression kicks in harder than I can manage successfully on my own. After four years of being off of Lexapro, I recently restarted it. I see no reason to subject my family to another of my nervous breakdowns when I know how to prevent one in advance. It began six months ago and I've handled it fairly well, (no one outside of my husband realizes it yet), but I opted for more help. These are the supplements that are working for ME, feel free to try them if you like. You'll be grateful that they are Over The Counter and reasonably inexpensive. I stick with these brands because when I have gone outside these brands, the results have been SUCKY! I especially recommend Calcium/Magnesium/Zinc and D vitamins for irritability and mood swings, it makes a HUGE difference in me. My family can tell when I run out, because I rip everyone a new one! As a plus, my sports medicine doctor says my bones are completely solid. YOU CAN BUY THESE AT WAL-MART Spring Valley - Black Cohash Root (300mg root/60mg root extract) hot flashes, night sweats, mood changes Spring Valley - Calcium/Magnesium/and Zinc (1000mg/400mg/15mg) irritability, mood swings, osteoporosis, immune system function Ester-C manufactured by NatureSmart (1000mg) it's an anti-oxident, it's a citrus bioflavinoids complex, it's non-acidic. protection against free radicals, promotes healthy skin, immune system funtion Spring Valley - Glucosamine/Chondroitin plus MSM Triple Strength (1500mg/1200mg/250mg) lubricates joints and promotes joint health. {for me it seems to lessen some of my pain} RITE AID PHARMACIES Balance Progesterone Naturally Progesterone w/grape seed extract It's a cream in a pump bottle, it pumps out a pre-measured amount containing about 20mg of bio-identical progesterone and other ingredients. This product works for PMS as well as menopause and perimenopause symptoms. It is the most expensive supplement I purchase at $19.99. It only lasts for one month. Whole Source Multivitamin(mineral/herbal supplement) for Women complete formula For General Health, to fill in where my diet may be lacking.
    tracy_hamm2 responded:
    HI, I am 37 and going to be 38 next month and I just went to the doctor today and she said I was to young for menopause..I haven't had a period for 6 months now and the I have every sympton you mentioned. I have had my tubes tied since 1991 so thats like 17 sister is 34 and they said she was going through premenopause so I think you should get a doctors appt and talk to him/her when for my doctor saying I was to young ..well I think I need to find a diffferent doctor after I have my ultrasound done to make sure everything is all right. GOOD LUCK AND LET US KNOW HOW THINGS ARE
    lsa792 responded:
    Hi, I am 45 years old and it seems that my mood swings are getting worse I have always had a hard time during my period I get really bad cramps enough to put me down for the day with a heating pad of course if my day allows it if not I just suffer through it but lately I am getting very moody, very angry, very sad, cry at a drop of a hat just plain sad for no reason it seems like then I lose my mind and forget where I left it I have been meaning to check out this web site and I am glad I did because reading some of these articles I feel a little better but your story real hit me I felt like I wrote it so I am glad I didn't have to write a whole book :smile: I am glad I am not alone again thank you i will keep reading so as maybe i can just stick it out
    lisampw responded:
    Hello, My name is Lisa and I am also 39 years old. I have had several of the same symptoms as you mentioned and wonder if I am also suffering from premenopause. I have not been able to sleep for more than 3 hours a night, am constantly moving my legs when I am lying down, moody, crying for days over nothing at all, short tempered (mostly with my husband), at night I am cold one minute and hot the next! Any suggestions?

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