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Pelvic pain in menopause
An_256353 posted:
I am almost 60 and in recent months have experienced pain, similar to pain when your period is about to start. Haven't had a period in years. No bleeding, no discharge, just cramping. I had two episodes 6 months apart but since January pain is almost constant. I've had two ultrasounds and they noticed what they think are tiny fibroids about 1 mm. in size.

The doctor said the options are 1) manage the pain or 2) have a hysterectomy if it's really bothering me. She also said options are limited because of my age.

Might I also add that it was not easy to even get in to see a gynecologist because I'm not pregnant.

So frustrated and upset. I want to know what is wrong before I sign a blank check to have parts removed. What other tests should I ask for? What else can they check?
Mary Jane Minkin, MD responded:
Dear An_256353,
Pain is an unusual menopausal symptom. Given the basically normal ultrasound, the pain may be totally unrelated to the uterus-don't forget, bowel sits right on top of the uterus, as does the bladder-so the pain certainly could be coming from a non gynecological organ. I would certainly not rush and have a hysterectomy-I agree with your concerns. I would seek out another opinion, to see if someone in examining you can try to figure this out.
Although I am in general not a promoter of lots of radiological exams, this might be one instance that perhaps an MRI of your pelvis might be helpful.
Good luck,
Mary Jane