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An_256644 posted:
I was thinking I was through with periods, but after almost 12 months, I started again. Anyone go that long and start up again?
Mary Jane Minkin, MD responded:
Dear An_256644,
Indeed, that is fairly common. And some women will go 13 months, for example, and have an episode that feels just a like a period to them: sore breasts, achiness, irritability-and it will behave just like a period. Most gynecologists still recommend that we evaluate the bleeding (just to make sure that there isn't anything abnormal in this lining of the uterus)-but the vast majority of the time, it indeed turns out to be a period (some spontaneous activity of the ovaries)-Alas though now you have to reset the period clock-and you have to wait another full year without a period to say you are most likely done!
Good luck,
Mary Jane
stellagonzalez responded:
May be you are in a peri-menopause stage, just wait and observe your period for 3-4 months.