When to start HRT?
eternallyperimenopausal posted:
I've had all the symptoms since age 38--night sweats, disrupted sleep even when not sweating, fatigue, depression, premenstrual headaches & crabbiness, foggy brain days,low low libido. I'm 49 and sick of it! I do all the "right" things-- good weight, exercise, great marriage of 28 years, avoid stressors, low caffeine & low alcohol use, good sleep habits, etc. Just this year have my periods become sporadic. My Dr won't do HRT until menopause. When I read other women's accounts of symptom relief at peri-stage, though, I wonder why my Dr won't prescribe? I'm really healthy otherwise.

The fatigue is discouraging but also dangerous, as I fell asleep while driving in 2007 & hit a propane truck head on. The libido issue makes me sad!
Anon_6061 responded:
Will your doctor prescribe birth control pills until you go into menopause? Those help a lot of women in perimenopause.