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7 months no period....
evie1993 posted:
Had a period in sept 2013 then finally again in May 2014 been bleeding for 6 days starting day 3 I have been bleeding so heavy it soaks a tampon n pad...alway been irregular we are ttc but worried I can't any info would be good
Mary Jane Minkin, MD responded:
Dear evie1993,
This type of a bleeding pattern is quite typical in perimenopause, which is where it sounds like you are. What happens in perimenopause is that we stop ovulating well; and we build up a lining of the uterus, with some ovarian activity (estrogen production) but without progesterone made by our ovaries when we ovulate, we can get this type of crazy bleeding.
So do check in with your health care provider, who can get you some progesterone type therapy to help you control this kind of crazy bleeding. It is quite safe to do this and will give you some control.
Good luck,
Mary Jane