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tash01942 posted:
was on lymphoma chemotherapy finished August 2013 havent seen my periods since April 2013 I'm 38 years old and i have been using wheat-grass powder and gynaecare tablets from Tibb products. Do you think natural products can have an effect on my delayed menstruation? I have 1 daughter who is turning 7 years not long and i would love to have 2 more kids
Mary Jane Minkin, MD responded:
Dear tasg01942,
First of all, I hope you are all better from the chemotherapy, and that you are now cured-that's terrific. Indeed, chemotherapy can lead to suppression of ovarian activity; for some women, the ovaries certainly do come back. I doubt that that your herbal products are having an effect on delaying your periods. I would be in touch with a reproductive endocrinologist (a gynecologist who specializes in hormones and fertility). (S)he could evaluate you for how well your ovaries are currently functioning, and see if it's likely that you would be able to conceive. But it certainly is possible that your ovaries will "wake up."
Good luck,
Mary Jane
tash01942 replied to Mary Jane Minkin, MD's response:
@ Mary Jane
Thank you very much for your response , i did 3 scans so far Sept, Dec and April they are all clean- regarding the periods i trust God that He will make a way for me, i will keep you posted.

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