Help Menopause
frisbee1 posted:
Hi, I am 51 and just within the last few months I have noticed several changes. The biggest one for me is the mood changes. I have snapped so much at people I work with I am now in trouble because of it. It is a possibility that I will loose my job on Monday. I had explained to my Administrator last week what was going on with me and I went last Wednesday and got my blood drawn. I will not find out anything until this week. I have read all the things that I can do to help but the information I really need to know is can they really terminate my employment for this. I am and administrative payroll and HR employee and it is in a business that is highly stressful on it's own. It's scarey and I am not really sure what to do or expect on Monday. I have not used bad language or anything like that or gotten into a long drawn out argument but I have snapped at a lot of people and have been rude to several as well. I just need to know where I stand at this point. Could someone please help?
georgiagail responded:
Can they terminate you for being rude to people and snapping at them?

Unfortunately, yes. Even if this is caused by menopause, it's not a disability. Hopefully it won't come to this.