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An_257458 posted:
My wife is 49 and appears to be going through symptoms of menopause. She has been experiencing hot flashes and major mood swings. Is there anything I can do to assist her?

diytestkitsdotcom responded:
Hi An_257458,

It is so sweet of you to be so concerned. Your determination to help her in any way is a true testament of your love for her. Few will react to this the way you have. I hope she appreciates all this little gestures.

There is probably nothing you can do best for her that to be her constant support. The menopausal stage is a hard time for any woman. Mood swings not even she understands can rule her day sometimes, sleepless nights will mark some of her days too, and other complications will manifest.

The key things for you to do at this point in time is to keep your patience for every difficulty and understanding her current condition above the fact that she might take out some of this frustrations on you. Continue to love, cherish, and care for her in the way you know how.

Read and research about all that your wife must be going through to be more equipped to help her out. Also, this article will get you started:

Goodluck to the both of you. Stay sweet!
Mary Jane Minkin, MD responded:
Dear An_257458,
I agree it's wonderful that you are caring about her-which is a huge help for women going through menopause. Do read many of the posts in this community, and have your wife read them and participate, too. The website is the website of the North American Menopause society, and has a lot of information available.
As far as over the counter remedies, the remedies that seem to help my patients the most are Remifemin, which is German black cohosh, and available over the counter; and Icool, which contains the plant estrogens found in soy products; you can take both together, if your wife finds them helpful. If those don't work, you both can visit her health care provider. There are many prescription remedies that can be very helpful-but indeed, having a concerned partner is terrific,
Good luck to both of you,
Mary Jane

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