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Perimenapause and Breast Soreness
An_257638 posted:
I am 56, my last period was the beginning of Dec 2013, and I haven't had a period since. I do have very very sore breasts and that was one of my symptoms of when I started to ovulate every month besides having the white mucus and when I would wipe myself after going to the bathroom it would feel very soft and these were Normal symptoms for a very long time when I got my period, but I have experienced hot flashes and night sweats, but since taking Black Cohosh my symptoms have almost gone away other than that i take pain meds for chronic back pain, also vitamin D, multi vitamin, and b complex. I am a small busted women who doesn't like wearing a bra, which I haven't worn in many many years. I am just wondering why I am experiencing sore breasts, I me big time sore, if anyone has some advise please let me know.
Mary Jane Minkin, MD responded:
Dear An_257638,
Do keep reading this site; you'll hear from many perimenopausal women with sore breasts. What happens, we think, is that ovarian function can fluctuate significantly at this time; some days your ovaries do nothing; some time they do double duty, and you have sore breasts! What I usually recommend to women is to minimize caffeine intake, and a vitamin combo that often helps: vitamin B6, 100-200 mg; vitamin E, 200 units; and evening primrose oil, 2 capsules per day-you can take all these together-and many women feel significantly more comfortable. As the ovaries continue to slow down, things should get better.
Good luck,
Mary Jane

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