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Goinfg off Vivelle-Dot
itchintampa posted:
I have been on Vivelle-Dot 0.075 for about 5 years now. My new family doctor wants me to get off because of the chance of getting cancer, he says it's not worth the risk. I fought him on this for a while but finally gave in. My hope is that he is right, but if not I will insist on going back on the Vivelle.

I do use Vagifem 10mcg 3 times a week, and he is ok with that.

My question to you is, what to expect? I have been using 1 patch per week for 4 weeks now, and was told to use 1 patch every 2 weeks for the next month and then go off. I am noticing I get very tired early in the day, is this to be expected? Will I get used to it? Please help, I feel that you can maybe shine a light on the subject for me.

Thank you,
Mary Jane Minkin, MD responded:
Dear Mayra,
Far better than using a patch for a longer time period would be to use a lower dose patch, but change it regularly (still ideally twice a week) The other possibility is to cut your patches in half, but just change them the same twice weekly frequency. And I taper folks very slowly.
But I would also suggest that you might want to wait until the fall to taper-it's really tough to cut down estrogen during a hot summer. Why not wait until the fall when it's cooler?
(they do make Vivelle in doses of .05, .0375, and .025-or you can cut your .075 patch into smaller pieces-whatever works better for you)
Good luck
Mary Jane