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Perimenopause at age 34.....
peach034 posted:
I am 34 yrs old and experiencing perimenopause. WOW! What a change!! I was taking (back in January-February 2009) an herb "Lydia Pinkham with Black Cohosh" and it did help a good bit with the Hot flash & Night sweats. My doctor has also prescribed me a low does blood pressure medicine (not for high blood pressure) But to help with the heart palpitations and tremors. I have been experiencing these symptoms- hot flashes, night sweats, tremors, anxiety, depression, heart palpitations, insomnia, short term memory loss, ect. This is SO uncomfortable!! This is one of the inevitable that we women must go through and it is ROUGH at times! I am currently taking a Vita-Pak for "Menopause" I purchased at the local GNC Store. I have been taking the Vita-Pak daily for 2 weeks and can tell a difference in the hot flashes & night sweats! I was taking "Lydia Pinkham" and it did work GREAT. But I was taking it two tables three times a day and after 2 months of taking it, my body must have became immune to it and all my symptoms started back up with full force as if I wasn't even taking anything to help them subside! Just wanted to share an update with all you ladies, as you may want to look into trying this for yourself! So far so good for me! God Bless and I wish you all comfort soon! (*(*BIG HUGS*)*)
MMML responded:
Hi Peach034, I think I may be also experiencing perimenopause symptoms at 33. It started nearly 2 years ago though when I stopped taking BC pills to get pregnant. My doctors deny that it is perimenopause this early but I think the symptoms are telling....very tired all the time, my periods are a lot lighter, some minor night sweats, heart palpitations, anxiety in the morning, foggy, spacey feeling. It is just so frustrating!! Plus I feel alone since many of my friends are still on the pill and not experiencing anything or maybe they just have the anxiety part. I wish I felt better...I have a 15 month old and that is exhausting me too. I just wish I felt better so I could enjoy my daughter more. Did your drs tell you that you were in perimenopause? I have had every test under the sun..thyroid, etc and all are normal. Thanks for your time!
peach034 responded:
I too have had all tests done and all are 'normal'. Thyroid and all. There's no doubt in my mind that I am infact in perimenopause. My doctor said in january that I could still be perimenopausal because I do have many of the symptoms and all tests are 'normal'. God Bless and may he give you peace-comfort-and courage! (*(*BIG HUGS*)*)
newchancetolive responded:
Peach, I am 43 and just diagnosed with full blown menopause. It should be called 'menostop.' :D Anyway, thank you for the heads up with regard to that 'vita-pak.' I will try it. IF men had to go through this there would be a cure!! Ugh. :sad: :crying: :confused: :sad:

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