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Premarin Cream?
WadsworthLongfellow posted:
The Nurse Practioner I am seeing for my Interstial Cystitis just prescibed premarin cream. I do have vaginal dryness & vulvadynia. She said I have thinning of my vaginal walls - so the cream should help.

I also have awful night sweats, some hot flases & suffer from migraines & headaches. Last fall my regular gyn prescribed Evamist. I used it for only one month. It made my headaches so much worse, so I stopped.

So, now I am wondering - what is anyone else's experience w/ premarin cream? Does it help w/ vaaginal symptoms? Does it have any effects on night sweats or hot flashes? Has it given or increased headaches in you? I am seriously considering Bio-identical Hormones; just wondering HOW I can find a provider that will prescribe them. I already know my gyn does not like them.

Thanks for any info!
LisaH1960 responded:
Hi WadsworthLongfellow,

Premarin Vaginal Cream is prescribed for vaginal dryness, itching and atrophy, so you might expect some relief there, but I haven?t read anything that would indicate that it has been approved to treat hot flashes and night sweats.

I?m assuming that you?ve had a hysterectomy, as estrogen alone can cause a serious risk of developing endometrial cancer in women who have a uterus. Many people believe that topically applied hormones pose a lower risk of side-effects than oral products, but keep in mind that these products do circulate throughout your system, and carry many of the same health warnings as their oral counterparts.

I have never used prescription vaginal products, but I did take oral Premarin for about four months. I had been suffering horribly with debilitating hot flashes and night sweats, and while it did help with those, the side-effects were too much for me to handle. My breasts became TERRIBLY sore, my hips and legs ached, and I developed severe edema in my lower legs. All in all, I felt like crap!

If you?re looking for something to help with your hot flashes, I?d suggest you give Wisdom Menopause Formula a try. It is an herbal product, and was recommended to me during the dark days when I was going through ?withdrawals? from the Premarin, and the flashes and sweats were sheer misery. For me, the WMF worked fast: The night sweats stopped almost immediately, and the hot flashes quickly diminished as well.

I?ve been taking it for over three months now, and have had ZERO negative side-effects. In fact, the only downside I have found is that it is a liquid, which makes can be a bit of a pain when traveling. Otherwise, it?s been fabulous! For me it handled the hot flashes and night sweats better than the Premarin, plus it has really smoothed out my emotional and anxiety issues, which the hormones had only seemed to make worse.

Sorry if it sounds like I'm beating up on Premarin. It didn?t work for me, but many women positively love it, and anything that can improve your quality of life is truly a blessing ? especially during this crazy part of our lives!

Take care!

maggie987 responded:
I know your question is from 5 years ago, but this might help other women. Using 1/2 a gram of Premarin cream two times a week did stop my hot flashes. I thought that perhaps the hot flashes just stopped on their own, but my tube ran out and the hot flashes returned, so the cream probably stopped them. My nurse practitioner also advised me that the cream would help with hot flashes. You are supposed to take the smallest dose of estrogen possible to treat your symptoms, so there you go.
jaleen replied to maggie987's response:
I am 64 with vaginal dryness, frequent urinary infections and occasional hot flashes. I seem to be doing better just using 1/2 to 1 gram of Premarin cream only once a week.
Mary Jane Minkin, MD replied to jaleen's response:
Dear Jaleen,
Vaginal estrogen should helf with the urinary tract infections. It helps two ways. Although you shouldn't get too much absorption into your blood stream with the vaginal estrogen, you will get some absorption up into your bladder (which is actually attached to the vagina), and it will help directly. Also when the vagina gets dry, the "good guy" bacteria of the vagina tend to go away, and you end up with nastier vaginal bacteria, which can lead to urinary tract infections. So keep up with the vaginal estrogen-I hope it will continue to help.
Good luck,
Mary Jane

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