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Sore Nipples
LolaL76210 posted:
My nipples are hard, erect and very sore all the time. This has been going on for about 3 weeks. The pain makes it very difficult to sleep at night. I'm 52 and have not had a period in 15 months. Is this happening to anyone else?
Elizabeth2514 responded:
I just Googled sore breasts and nipples and found this link. I am 52 and went through menopause when I was 49. I am suffering from painful nipples and my left breast is painful and fiberous, just like PMS, while I was still having that. Also, my nipples feel like milk is letting down. It's the weirdest thing. I am using warm compresses, which help and ibupropen. Any other suggestions?
PatriciaB0307 replied to Elizabeth2514's response:
I am only experiencing an itchy and painful nipple on the left breast. I was using the natural estrogen and progesterone cream and my left breast feels like milk is letting down. All I have to say is I'm happy I am not the only one. I was getting nervous. I have tried zinc oxide (diaper cream) with square cotton inside my bra. I also experience tingling.
GT1947 responded:
Hi LolaL76210 - I am experiencing the same symptoms as you. I am 63. I am on HRT patches and started menopause when I was 47. After my Dr examined my breasts she has given me Nilstat to rub on my nipples and I have been doing this for a week but still the pain persists and it wakes me up at night. I am going back to see my Dr this week. I will keep you posted on what happens.
natural952 replied to GT1947's response:
Hi All!
I think you all should go to your Doctors and mention the possibility of a pituitary tumor. I had been post menopausal about 5 years when I started noticing my breasts filling up with milk, just like when I had breastfed my son 20 years earlier. I also had headaches that wouldn't quit, so my Doc took a CAT scan and it showed the 9mm tumor. That was 13 years ago and I still get milk. The tumor has not grown any more, so they've decided not to do surgery, as the risks outweigh the benefits, unless it grows to >10mm (1 cm) To understand how big this is, it's about the size of a large pea. You can also have problems if it interferes with the optic nerve. A visual field test can pick up whether or not you have a pituitary tumor (done at your optometrist's office - it's just an eye test). Good luck to you all!
rebeccat724 replied to Elizabeth2514's response:
I am surprised how many women complaining of hard sore nipples are in their 50's. I will be 51 this month and have just had this problem about a week. It is the first time and I'm wondering what's going on. I'm not on any meds., all body parts intact, have not had surgeries and no health problems.

I've had some slight menopause symptoms; hotter than usual, etc. I started having trouble with vaginal irritation about a year ago which the doctor tells me is vaginal dryness due to the change. I don't feel dry but it's an irritation that kicks up, lasts a few weeks, simmers down for a short while and kicks up again. It is really bothersome. Then the nipples started and I googled it just to see if anyone has had this problem. What a surprise. I see there is no real solution. Tell me it goes away at some point.
sorerita replied to rebeccat724's response:
I just turned 55 and had a total hysterectormy over 15 years ago. I'm usually cold, but lately I've been hot and my nipples are sore and hard. I'm going to try to see my doctor today. I can't believe all of the same people with the same complaints, but this is the first I've heard of this problem.
MsHooligan replied to sorerita's response:
I am 46, and a couple weeks ago my left nipple began to hurt. It is only my left nipple. It is so sore I can barely stand it!! It is also very hot to touch. Just the thought of touching it makes me want to scream! I have tried searching for anything that can explain this on the internet, and I have found nothing!!
I am scared, worried, and wondering what the heck it is!
I have been having hot flashes for a few years now. My period is still pretty regular. Can anyone help me?
oldma53 replied to rebeccat724's response:
I am 57, had a vaginal hysterectomy at 46 and am on hrt - estradiol only. Have just in the last year or so began having REAL hot flashes. Just last night I began to notice intense soreness in the right nipple. Today it is worse, which is what led me to this thread. I'm sorry so many older women have sore nipples, but am also relieved to find it's apparently not something that requires immediate medical attention, other than for my sanity.

I am responding to rebecca 724 about the vaginal irritation. I developed a similar irritation about 3 years ago. Had some intense itching with it too, which seemed to create a vicious cycle sometimes. My GYN had some great suggestions which really relieved my symptoms These steps worked so well I have made them part of my regular lifestyle. First, stop washing the vaginal area with any kind of soap. Take showers instead of baths and rinse the vaginal area well with running water from the shower. Do not use a wash cloth in the vaginal area either. Cup the water with your hand and splash it up into the genital area. I thought this sounded crazy, but have been doing so for 3 years now and have no problems with odor or feeling unclean and have had no infections of any kind. My husband and I are sexually active and he has no complaints about my hygiene either. Second, after urinating, be careful to gently pat the vaginal area dry rather than wiping and use the softest white toilet tissue you can afford. I use Ultra Charmin. Third, wear only white underpants, preferably with a cotton crotch. The dyes in colored underwear can be irritating. Fourth, and most important as well as most surprising. Use white Crisco shortening as a lubricant on irritated vaginal tissue. I could hardly believe my male MD told me this, but he said it was completely natural and I would find it very soothing. He was right!! It only takes a very small amount of Crisco to bring relief for several hours. When the irritation resurfaced, I just applied a little more. It did take a toll on the appearance of my underwear, so I invested in some inexpensive all cotton panties from Wal Mart. Nothing greasy has ever, ever leaked through to my outer garments. It took a couple of months or so to fully resolve and now rarely ever flares. When it does, an application or two of Crisco takes care of it. I do carry a small amount of Crisco in a old Rx pill bottle in my purse, just in case.

I know that's not what this forum is about, but it seemed like a very related subject. I hope to find similar "natural" relief for my sore nipple. Haven't been to the doc about this yet. Will let you all know if I learn anything more.
aprilrose4158 responded:
This is happening to me too. I am 52 and have only missed one period so far...My nipples got like this right before I missed that I am wondering if I will miss this month now....I know they are so tender to touch! Ouch! They haven't been this sore since the breast feeding days..
pauseletgo replied to suewolcott's response:
I hear you all. I am tired of this. My mother did not tell anything about this part of menopause. All I ever heard about it was hot flashes. Do you ever feel like you are ready to tell someone off for no reason. start crying for no reason. OH! lets not forget where we put things and feel like we are loosing it. The whole time it is in our face. mind is floggy and you are tired or not motivated to be around no one. Nipples I have hubby act like a baby to relieve the tension. Morning, noon and night. THis is crazy. I am glad to know that I am not alone in this. Ladies we have to stick together on this and share information. All I know is that this menopause is like a reverse of pubity. ANyone agree. pearce out
hrmoore replied to pauseletgo's response:
Hi all,

Peaceletgo, I know that I feel like telling someone off for no reason--but I've felt that way all my life, so I can't blame perimenopause, menopause, postmenopause, or whatever it is.

On the topic of the sore nipples, thanks everybody for words of advice and for just saying you understand. But one person mentioned lidocaine cream -- called EMLA Cream by prescription. I happened to have some because I need it for nerve pain. I used it for the last six hours or so--braless--and it is MAGIC.

So, do mention it to your doctor. If it is something that fits into your health picture, it might take this one difficult thing away from your life--so you can focus on some of the finer things, right?
donna0099 replied to hrmoore's response:
oh my God i have been searching the web all day to find something everything was about nursing mothers ..I am so relieved to find all you people out there with the same issue as me.. i'm 51 no period since aug.2010 sore nipples started a few days ago and they seem bigger too.. i'm about to loose my mind! oh and that is another issue.. anxiety!!!
nandispandis replied to donna0099's response:
I have been having this problem for two months. I'm 36 years old and for the last three years my has changed dramatically. I've gone to three different doctors and each on I've suggested that I am going through menopause only to have each one of them tell me I'm too young. Tell that to my body.

1. Rubber tire around the waist
2. cycle changed from normal to heavy, heavy to normal, normal to very light.
3. Clotting for period
4. hot flashes
5. digestion problems/bloating/gas
6. moods shifting
7. tired
8. skin discoloration over the lip
9. extremely sore and hard nipples (breasts only get sore right before period

I've had a mammogram which came back fine. It has to be hormonal. It's extremely frustrating.
cmrogers2 replied to nandispandis's response:
I am having the same problem.. My nipples being erected and sore started about a week ago..I am 40 and had a hysterectomy when I was 34 due to excessive bleeding all the time. I believe that I may be going through menopause because of other symptoms that I am experiencing also. My face, neck and arms are flushed and hot to the touch all the time. I am now on meds for anxiety and I feel that I am on a fog trying to fight my way through.. Is anyone experiencing these symptoms?
thisisnotforwhimps replied to donna0099's response:
Donna, I am 49 and last month had the sore nipple thing. I was completely shocked! I woke up and my nipples were sooo sore and seemed to stay erect way more than normal. I am still having periods every three months or so. My soreness lasted about a month total then went away as fast as it came. Now something different- my breasts now seem deflated is the only way I can describe it. They feel lower and flatter and the muscles going up my chest are very tight. I too am having a big surge in anxiety and I would always choose the physical stuff over the mental stuff any day. I just wanted to let you know you are not alone. Hang in there!

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