periods again?
cathyo705 posted:
im having a period after 2 yrs of none. very light but all the symptoms, is this normal??? any insight is appreciated
jaxgirl1952 responded:
I have not had a period in 2 years but started having cramping again (no bleeding). I got scared but everything came back normal except my estrogen level. It is too high so they put me on progesterone cream twice a day (the bio identical one) and the cramping has stopped.

She told me that women can start having periods again if the levels are too high. I had the other symtoms like migraines too and it felt like a period would start but did not.

It is good to have the bleeding checked.
gertigirl replied to jaxgirl1952's response:
I haven't had a period in a year, but every month I have all the symptoms. This is the time when I would have a period and its awful. I have cramps, nervousness, headache, all of it. I have pills for the anxiety and they at least help that. I can't believe that I wish I would get the periods back. It would justify feeling this way. I hope it gets better for you.