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My breasts are shrinking!
lisabir posted:
Has anyone had the symptom of your breasts shrinking in size? I have been having hot flashes and other symptoms as well as no period for about a year, but the most frustrating and diappointing thing for me is the loss in the size of my breasts--almost two sizes! I just started bio-identical hormone replacement theraphy and am in hopes of eliminating many of these symptoms, especially getting my breasts back. I feel so un-womanly!
Lainey_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi lisabir, the word woman means "man with a womb" I understand you miss the size of your breast but you are now even more a woman because we "only" go through menopause. I hope the HT therapy works. Please keep us updated.
ElisaClark28 responded:
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hmariewv responded:
I know its been 3 yrs since you posted but are you still on here? I am having the same problem and wanted to know if the bio identical hormone helped. When I first started to lose size in my breasts is when I started the hormones so I quit . I went from a 44DD to a 38B in a few months.
baaboo1 responded:
Hi, I went through menopause at age 50, and I noticed that my breast are a little smaller . I was always a big busted and I welcome the smaller size.i was just wondering is this normal.
Mary Jane Minkin, MD replied to baaboo1's response:
Dear baaboo1,
Very normal-not to worry,
Mary Jane