DARK spotting
An_205898 posted:
I am 49 years old and havent had my period for 3 and a half years. Doctor confirmed menopause. I've been having MILD cramps for a couple of days, and even saying to myself that I sort of feel like I'm getting my period.....and today when I went to urinate, it has dark thick brown blotches in it, as if I have my period, but..... it's not that dark red color as it used to be when I used to get my period on a regular basis. (Its more than just spotting).

Is this normal to have this dark spotting 3 and a half years after my period has stopped??
jaxgirl1952 responded:
I don't think any bleeding after menopause is normal but it does happen and it happened to me. I had an ultrasound and was sent for a biopsy which was normal but you need to get this checked. Mine is a hormone thing but it had not been three years so it is good to talk to your doctor.
walkergirl2 replied to jaxgirl1952's response:
I too have spot bleeding lasting for weeks. My doctor did an ultrasound in Oct, 2008 and a uterus biopsy last month. Both were normal. My FSH is still at 7 which means technically I am not in menopause yet but they don't rely on FSH to seriously to determine menopause, Dr. said.
When spotting lasts for so long, they give me progesterone because they say that my body is not receiving the signal to shed the uterus lining (your period). After 10 days on the progesterone I get my small period and am ok for a while. After the spotting, I have 1-2 small periods. This has happened 3 times in the last 2 years. I am age 50.
So heres the question-if this is happening to all of us and they say its not normal, then what is it?
walkergirl2 replied to walkergirl2's response:
Jaxgirl,1952, after reading this and one of your other postings, it sounds like you and I have alot in common going on. I think we should talk.
jaxgirl1952 replied to walkergirl2's response:
Sorry, I have not been here for a while. My FSH says I should be in menopause but I know that cannot be accurate as I still have symptoms and some spotting. The Gyn doc told me this does happen and as long as the tests are normal, not to be concerned.