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    I need HELP PLEASE!!!
    danasmi posted:
    I am a 28 year old PROUD mother of 2 children but I have been in menopause for 4 years now and I feel like I am spiraling downward real fast! My marriage is failing, my kids see me cry EVERYDAY, I have gained an excessive amount of weight, and I feel completely alone. Even when I try to talk to someone, they dont really get it! They dont feel what I feel and I need help!
    SimbaFL responded:
    Are you sure you are in menopause? This seems very young. I went into menopause early (40) and I thought that was young. I felt pretty much the same as you, maybe worse. The first thing you need to do is see your gynecologist and have your hormones tested. It sounds like a hormone imbalance to me. That's what I had and as soon as I went on hormones, everything changed. I became a new woman. Just make sure they put you on bioidentical hormones and not synthetic. Please take charge and you will feel better.
    denmuel replied to SimbaFL's response:

    Yes, this woman's advice is great! Go to your OBGYN and get tested. Then do what the doctor tells you to do. I am 49 years old and I feared to do what the doctor told me because I didn't want to do pills or medicine, but whenever I choose to adhere to what the doctor said I became 100% better. You have to take care of yourself in order to take care of others. Also, either talk to your husband about your results or better yet take him with you to the doctors. Men are more likely to understand if they get the facts. Good luck! Don't suffer anymore take action.
    gorettianne responded:
    What you need is a little understanding. As regards your marraige failing, a little understanding, a lot actually needs to be afforded in premature menopause, because while I am 51 and unmarried, with no kids, the crying I find a big problem, that coupled with hhot flushes, nightsweats, and tiredness amongst others adds up to a tough bundle for your family and friends. Try natural remedies, I have a medical doctor in my family and she does encourage me to try them. A remedy called Black Cohosh is recommended as is Red Clover. Consult with somebody in a health Store also you'll need to take Plant Oestregen or something, (Linseed added to your Cereal or Porridge could help) or get it in tablet form in your health store, ( Google Menopausal Symptoms and remedies).Try and cut down on English Tea ( I am in Ireland & drink a lot ) or Coffee if you drink it, as I find that caffeine of any form aggravates the condition. Re weight, take your focus off food, menopausal symptoms make you want to eat a lot, but focus on the healthy stuff, lots of fruits and vegetables, wholegrains, basically fresh un processed foods, and SALT, cut down drastically on salt and foods that contain it. You may find your sleep pattern is affected, so definitely dont have caffeine in the 2nd half of the day, drink herbal teas, try Camomile Tea with a good spoon of real honey if you want a supper time drink. Good luck 28 year old, and remember people have to be understanding, you can't help how you feel. As regards your husband, tell him to get a life and step up to the plate and be a man and support you, you would do it for him I am sure if needed. Good luck from Gorettianne
    latemomma responded:
    You've gotten some good advice on this thread. I know most people think you are too young, and you will get a lot of resistance from your obgyn. You are going to have to be your own health advocate. I've been going through this for at least 10 years, I'm 44 now. It started with the mood swings. Then weight gain that didn't seem right. I still haven't found a lot of answers that I'm satisfied with, but I'll tell you this much. Some of my issue was depression. It took me a while to admit it and it took trial and error with my doc to find the right med. The most important thing is to get your husband involved. You need him and his feedback to both you and the doctor can be invaluable. He'll probably be reluctant. Gentleness finally worked with mine.

    Good luck. Don't give up. Keep posting. You are certainly not alone.

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