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    Endometrial ablation
    mary_moe posted:
    My GYN suggested having an endometrial ablation done. I am 47, and (through my own research) have found myself in perimenopause. The symptoms started suttle you know, the usual hot flashes, mood swings, inconsistant periods...etc. then came the 23 day period. along with severe moodiness, night sweats....right away, my GYN tells me I am not menopausal . before he examines me, before any questions! Tells me I should have this ablation proceedure, which by the way, he suggested 4 yrs ago. I think that is his blanket answer to menstrastion....stop the period . ( no doubt he is $$driven and really doesnt care or treat the patient) I am not one to run to an MD everytime I sneeze, so I was more than disappointed with his suggestion. My point to this rambling is.......if i have this proceedure, will the menopausal symptoms stop? Has anyone had this done and are you satisfied with the out come? Never knowing when, if ,or how long my period comes is less an issue (for me) then all the other problems , sweats, mood, etc etc.
    Vicky_122 responded:
    First off read "A gynecologists second opinion" by William Parker before doing any surgery. He really gives an even-handed explaination of all the procedures.

    Second, get a second opinion.

    Third, ask about progesterone if nobody suggests it. When I called my dr with the same symptoms (I was 50) , he prescribed progesterone, for a few days a month for a few months. It sure was a lot easier solution than surgery.

    Good Luck
    sharinelson1964 responded:
    Mary, I had an endometrial ablation in June of 2007 called Novasure for treatment of heavy and embarrasing periods over the last few years. I was 43 when I had the procedure. I haven't had any side effects as a result of it. I also asked my sister who is a nurse and midwife about the procedure before I had it, since I didn't know that much about it. I think I might have had 1 or 2 periods right after the procedure, and they were very light. Since then I have a few days of very light bleeding (like spotting) each month that I just have to use a pantyshield for. I'm not sure if the menopausal symptoms will stop, my doctor told me I was perimenopausal. I haven't had too many symptoms yet, but I have noticed I get hot a lot quicker (not necessarily hot flashes) and I have noticed that I get irritated quicker than I used to (probably just perimenopause). Novasure has a website that you can go to and check out the procedure. I had the procedure done in my doctors office, but it is usually an outpatient procedure that takes less than 30 minutes. If you have bad periods like I used to, I would definitely suggest checking into the procedure. My insurance paid for part of it (I hadn't met my deductible) when I had the procedure but the cost to me was well worth it.
    Vicky_122 responded:
    I just went back and read your question again.

    .......if i have this proceedure, will the menopausal symptoms stop?

    NO, this will not stop the menopausal symptoms. It will cut down on your bleeding, but the ovaries are still failing and you'll still have the hormonal imbalance that gives you the hot flashes, mood swings, insomnia, .....
    pwbear41 responded:
    Hi... I had an ablation about 5 years ago due to heavy periods, clots etc. I am now in Peri-menopause at 51. I have been going through it since I was 49. The ablation was great as far as stopping the bleeding etc. I have had no problems with that part of it but now I have no idea where I stand in the menopause cycle because I don't get a period at all since the ablation. It doesn't stop the menopausal symptoms but it does make life a little easier.
    kaykow66 responded:
    I had an ablation nearly 3 years ago. I had no periods until about 3 months ago when I started bleeding every month again. I told my ob/gyn and he brushed it off. I started bleeding again today and have cramps. I was satisfied with this procedure until I started bleeding again. During the last year, I have had bad hot flashes and night sweats. Also mood swings and breast tenderness. My mother had breast cancer so hormone replacement therapy is out for me. Not happy being female these days.
    Healthiermom responded:
    Mary_moe I had the ablation about 6 years ago (at age 37) as an alternative to a hysterectomy. It did work. I enjoyed the no periods, no cramping, and no mood swings for 6 years. However, now I am suffering! I am one of the unusual ones where the glands have actually re-grown and have attached themselves to the uterus wall and are attempting to recreate the lining. Which can not happen and is painful. So each month when I ovulate (I had a tubaligation at the same time as the ablation) I have severe pain all across my abdomen. My GYN now suggest that hysterectomy. I truly do not want to go through this procedure. I can not afford the time off, nor do I want to spring forward into menopause (which I feel like premenopause has begun).

    I would seek another opinion if I were you. The procedure does work and you may not have the same problems as I have. But I would still see another opinion.

    Best of luck!
    bpcookie responded:
    Hello Mary Moe, I had this procedure done three months. I used to have heavy periods with those cramps, achy back and I had terrible pms, I was soooooo moody. Now I still have periods and they are still irregular because I may be going through perimenopause, but the periods are very light, no more cramping, back aches and my pms has improved greatly!!!! This makes everything so much easier. The ablation process only takes about 20 mins. They put you to sleep, dilate you to about the size of the tip of your pinky finger, insert some sort of mesh and it sends a light electric shock to burn away the lining. After its done you go home and rest. You will terrible cramping that can feel like your having a baby or you may just have a small amount of cramping that lasts for about half the day. They give you pain meds and meds. for cramping. You will have to wear a pad for a while since you will be bleeding. My dr. said not to have sex for a month. The whole process was well worth the results that I got out of it. Good luck in your decision. I hope everything works out for the best.

    jp6780dena responded:
    I have the choice of having this done in the office under a local or going to the hospital and being put to sleep. How painful was the procedure. I have a pretty high pain tolerance. I just don't want to go to the hospital.
    bpcookie responded:
    jp, I was put under twilight sleep and I dont remember anything. I too have a high pain tolerance and I had the procedure done in the office. In and out within 30 mins. I didnt feel any pain untill the pain shot they game me started to wear off. I took the pain med. and med. for cramping that they prescribed and the pain felt like I was going into labor, the cramping lasted for about 6 hours and it stopped out of the blue. It was well worth the bit of pain I went through. Good luck in your decision.
    kaykow66 responded:
    I had the novasure procedure and I was happy with it for almost 3 years. Now I'm bleeding again after all that time. Not happy with it now.
    tammytoe replied to bpcookie's response:
    Interesting. I had the procedure done in 2005, and never bled again, and never had any cramping or discomfort from the surgery. In fact, I was up and out shopping by that evening, feeling like myself. I did not spot at all after the surgery, and my periods stopped 100%. This procedure does not speed up menopause, or stop menopausal symptoms. This is specifically to treat problem periods. I highly suggest the surgery if it is what you need. Don't do it just to stop your periods, do it because you are in pain and suffering, and this is your last recourse to have a normal life. With no health insurance, this was well worth the gave me back my life.
    d1962bear replied to pwbear41's response:
    I had an ablation done 2 1/2 years ago due to heavy periods as well. I am also 51 now and in the past couple of months have had very light discharge, almost like at the beginning or end of a period. My OBGYN did blood tests and indicated that I too am at the beginning stages of menopause and I am wondering if this is what is the cause the discharge now. I haven't had a real period in over 2 1/2 years and am really hoping they don't start up again
    Mary Jane Minkin, MD replied to d1962bear's response:
    Dear d1962bear,
    Hard to predict what will happen. Sounds like your obgyn is on top of the situation which is great; I doubt though that you will restart the heavy bleeding again.
    Good luck,
    Mary Jane
    An_254704 replied to Mary Jane Minkin, MD's response:
    Just wondering if anyone has had anything like Healthiermom? I am in the same boat, only I had mine done last year and now had a period 2 weeks ago that was heavy with some blood clots & bad cramps, now 2 weeks later I am having worse cramps and haevy bleeding and more clots. From day 1 I have had very heavy and cramping periods, then started to get cysts 2 years ago, had to have a few of them removed with surgery, last time they thougt I had only 2 cyst and when they were doing the surgery found that I had 6, 2 of which were tubular. They still are not as bad as before the procedure, but I have been great up until 2 weeks ago so now I am a little worried.

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