Thick endometrium lining after menopause
An_205920 posted:
During my yearly physical, my primary care Dr thought my uterus felt enlarged so she sent me for a pelvic ultrasound. The finds were that my uterus with in the upper limits of normal size but that the lining was
7-8 mm thick which is abnormal for post menopausal women. I have no other symptoms... not even spotting.
So she sent me to my ob/gyn who said I can either do nothing or have an endometrial biopsy. He said since I am asymptomatic it is really not necessary for me to do anything, but that if I wanted to be extra safe I could have the biopsy done. I am debating since I had one done many years ago & it was terrible. Any suggestions?
jaxgirl1952 responded:
My lining was 8 and I did have symptoms. I bleed very slightly every 4 months so I had the biopsy done just to be safe. It hurt for 15 seconds and it was over and it was so worth it to have it done. It was negative so I don't need any other treatment.

I would rather have the test and have a few seconds of pain and know there were no problems, This cancer is so treatable in early stages and they can't be sure without this test.

Best of luck to you.