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Widening hips
Lupylisa44 posted:
I have been built like a boy my whole life and have been a size 1 since high school. Now I am 46, post menopausal. Since I started on HRT, my hips have spread dramatically. Could it be the hormones causing this? If so, which one? I am taking E2, E3, Progesterone and Testosterone.

Mary Jane Minkin, MD responded:
Dear Lupylisa,
There does seem to be a weight gain associated with menopause. Women tend to gain an average of 5-8 pounds in the perimenopausal time frame-that's the bad news. The good news is that it tends to be a one time thing-it's not 5-8 pounds every year. can you lose it? yes-with diet and exercise. Women who take estrogen tend to gain about one pound less than women who don't-so not a big factor, in general. Our basal metabolic rates do get slower as we get older (happens to guys, too.)-and again, increasing exercise tends to be the best remedy for speeding up the basal metabolic rate.
Even women who don't gain weight usually report a sort of "central deposition" of fat-around the middle-sort of a redistribution. I don't often hear a complaint about the hips. If it were related to hormones, I would probably think of estrogen as the more likely culprit-but I'm sure you're taking a very small amount.
So if you do want to experiment, and go off for a bit, you could-but I doubt that it will make a huge difference,
Good luck,
Mary Jane