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premature menopause ???
HLB13 posted:
I started premature menopause at the age of 37 after having a tubal location at the age of 35. I'm now 43 & soon going tobe 44 in late March. Well, durring making~love twice with my husband, I have found that I bleed. I wasn't even near my menstrual cycle. I put a tampon in & nothing is on it later or it has very little on it. I have no insurance & not much money at this time.
Please, Some one help me figure out, What is going on with me.
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Mary Jane Minkin, MD responded:
Dear HLB13,
I am a bit confused by your history. Are you still having periods? it sounds like you are-so that it's not clear if you are perimenopausal or not. In any case, bleeding after sex-whether or not you are menopausal-does warrant investigation. If you haven't had a pap smear and an exam in a while, I would encourage you to go for one: Planned Parenthood offers gynecological health care to all women; it doesn't just do contraception, and they have a sliding scale for women who don't have insurance. When a gynecologist hears about bleeding after sex, our first thought goes "what's going on with the cervix?" so you should have a health care provider take a look.
Good luck,
Mary Jane