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myPause iPhone app
jenrana2012 posted:
myPause is an iPhone app that helps you track menopause symptoms, build a solutions plan, watch trends in your treatment to see what works for you, and allows you to share all this with your health care provider.

Get a better understanding of what's happening with your body and its hormones and start managing your menopause on your own terms.
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thepausethatrefreshes responded:
myPause is a great idea and a great start to help women track their symptoms. I hope there will be more development so that we can add more detail to the tracking. Like many other women, I was probably in perimenopause for years before I realised that all those separate symptoms were just part of the menopause transition. It's great to be able to see it all in one place and my doctor LOVES it.

I do love this app and it's SO EASY to use. I'm not technologically astute, so I was afraid to buy this, but my teenage son helped me (!) and I realised it is actually very intuitive!

I also love the 'myPause' idea - take control of your health, ladies!!

Thanks, myPause!
thepausethatrefreshes replied to thepausethatrefreshes's response:
Forgot to mention - I was also helped by the videos on how to use the app - . I need handholding and these were great!

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