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loriea posted:
yeah I was just wondering what I can take to get rid of my headaches and my lite headedness feeling - I have them mostly every day and all day - been to my dr for this and shes done blood work after blood work and still cant come up with why - been told to take Tylenol or ibeprofin and that maybe helps w/the headaches but not the lite headedness ive been having all the time - have had mris done and cat scans done but cant seem to find the problem - my work wont let me come back to work until it is fixed and im 100 % better from a drs note- sometimes I get a sharp paain in my head and than I get real lite headed that my vision goes bad for a minute or 2 - well I cant be driving like that and I cant work like that - the last day that I worked I got a real bad headache and a sharp pain in my head and my vision got all blurry and I felt like I was gonna pass out and I grabbed one of my co workers n just bout passed out, got real sweaty too - any suggestions would really be appreciated - ty
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