Am I going crazy
heflinathenia posted:
I am also 34 and had a partial hyst in my twentys and still have my right ovary. I don't take any hormones do to the fact my mother got Breast cancer from them. I have been having horrible mood swings, headaches, become a very very light sleeper, no energy and it seems like I have bipolar. I have been taking phintaramine would this effect my ovary and is it addicting. Also would the dr automatically check the levels or do you need to ask because I've had blood work and they say everything looks fine. Thanks
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Anon_6061 responded:
I'm sorry for your suffering! I understand how you are feeling. I also had a hysterectomy which has turned my life and health upside down.

The remaining ovary or ovaries can fail after hysterectomy so it's possible you are in menopause or have abnormally low levels for your age. Failing or failed ovaries can also put a lot of stress on the thyroid causing its function to be sub-optimal. Has your doctor done complete blood panels to check thyroid and ovarian/sex hormones?

Being estrogen deficient at a young age has medically documented serious health implications including heart disease, osteoporosis, poor sleep, and mental health effects (irritability, depression, anxiety, cognition, memory). And quality of life counts too.

Taking estrogen without a progestin has been shown to NOT increase risk of breast cancer. And having had a hysterectomy, you don't need a progestin. Estrogen can improve the symptoms you are having. I became suicidal after my hysterectomy along with severe sleep disruption, extreme irritability, anxiety, lack of focus (like I'd developed ADD), memory loss, no interest in anything, bone loss, along with other nasty symptoms. Oddly, I had very few hot flashes and when I did, they were mild (like a stinging in my face or ears would feel hot). I did get extra warm at night though but no sweats.

Since the loss of estrogen was the cause of all my symptoms, I chose to take estrogen versus a slew of other meds with all their side effects and costs (anti-depressant, anti-anxiety, ADD meds, sleep meds, osteoporosis drugs etc.).

Do your research and weigh the pros and cons. And maybe give some estrogen a try. The generic Estrace pill is only $4 for 30 pills - certainly affordable.

Hope you find some relief soon. Let us know how things progress.