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Try Bio-identical Hormones
SkittyCat; posted:
I want to shout from the highest mountaintop about the benefits of bio-identical hormones! Yahoooo! Helloooo sanity!
As I was going through menopause (and after, into post-menopause), I was actually losing my mind. I never had a hot flash, oddly enough, but I couldn't sleep! Not sleeping made me insane, edgy, angry, frightened, depressed, and just plain weird! Then I heard about natural hormone replacement with bio-identicals. My dear sisters, don't suffer the way I did! These natural hormones come as a cream that I dab on my inner forearms once a day and rub in -- the pharmacist actually mixes them up on-site. They gave my life back to me.
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lupylisa44 responded:
I totally agree with you! I tried several combinations of pharmaceutical HRT but never felt right on any of them. I started taking the bio-identical HRT which is tailored to my individual needs and feel like myself again!


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