mood swings/menopause
permamaternal posted:
I have so much empathy for all women that go through this,either mild or severe.I was put on a hormone,very low dose because I have 4 diseases that can dictate what prescriptions I may take.I also take Xanax,a middle dosage.I can't honestly say that it takes away all the mood swings.I have wondered if it's the mood swings and emotions that make me say things I normally wouldn't to my husband or if after 23 years of marriage I just say what I feel,maybe before thinking it through.Example: family went to movies and dinner last week and on way home from dinner and constantly gripping safety strap I blurted out "Your driving s*cks!" and he is usually and again I say "usually" a good driver.Of course he was momentarily offended that I questioned his driving abilities,but I really didn't worry about his feelings.I had been irritated all evening on and off so when we returned home I took a Xanax and crawled in bed with a book,my husband and sons left me alone for a bit.Within 30 minutes I was able to rejoin them and watch television and enjoy conversation with them for awhile till I was tired and ready for bed.My husband is aware of all my symptoms and currently we attribute the emotional outbursts and comments to menopause.The Xanax helps,it doesn't always stop me from outbursts or comments but it gives me more control over the feelings and thoughts I'm trying to express and the way I express them.But my biggest advice is to let your significant other know what you are going through,all of your symptoms,even the womanly ones.They love you and most will be supportive and willing to do whatever is needed to aid you in this period of your life,even if it means letting a little sarcasm slide on by...Don't shut them out,allow them to see and know all that's happening and let them help you during this adjustment in your lives.
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Hello Permamaternal!

Thanks so much for sharing your experiences and tips with everyone here. It's very much appreciated.

Hope you'll continue to do so,