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    This is a hellish nightmare!
    An_254467 posted:
    I have officially reached the limits of my ability to endure this alien invasion of my nether regions!!!

    I've tried every possible variant of powder, cream and spray. They'd work for a while to kill some of the surface fungus, but it never completely went away, and sometimes these products exacerbated the irritation or caused my skin to break down.

    I was on Ketoconazole orally for a MONTH, while also using prescription external Ketoconazole shampoo.

    I have tried every possible healing agent. Tea tree oil, aloe, and some exceedingly expensive natural oil-based remedies that seem to have made things much worse.

    It has spread to the anus and thighs and retreated again, constantly cycling.

    I bought boxers. I wash daily. I've tried mild soaps, harsh soaps, specialty soaps. I literally sanitize my laundry, or so the cycle says on the machine, washing everything at high temps for long periods even though this is destroying my clothes.

    I went to a dermatologist's office twice (seeing the same PA each time, perhaps that was the problem) and his aforementioned Ketoconazole assault did nothing, even causing it to spread substantially.

    His next move? Wanting to take a biopsy. Dude.

    They never even tested the skin flakes to confirm the problem, and they want to scoop out a chunk of Tiny Tim? I don't think so.

    I am, however willing to take my case to a urologist, even though that is going to cost me dearly (with no insurance, any such visits+tests+medications mount quickly, with no guarantee of results!)

    Oh, and because of its highly contagious nature, no lovings with the lady for 4 months+!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This. Is. Awful.

    Clearly, no one thing works for everyone, and fungal resistance, much like antibiotic resistance, is real. These bastards are winning!

    sluggo45692 responded:
    Couple of things. I was a lab tech (among other medical trainings) for 2 years. A biopsy, most of the time, is scrapping the skin..Unless the doctor tells you he's usually doesn't cut anything. Fungal cultures take 6 weeks to 6 months. Yes they can be expensive, but if they look at the skin under a microscope, they may get an idea what it is.

    Some home remedies:

    Hydrogen peroxide. Test it out by soaking a wash cloth in peroxide and laying it on an affected area 2-3 times a day for about 20 minutes. After a week, check for improvment.

    Vinegar: Same as above

    Baking soda: Make a paste with water. apply it at night.

    Chlorine bleach: 1:10 dilution of bleach to water. Same as peroxide of vinegar, but only leave on skin for 10 minutes and wash well afterwards.

    If at anytime these inflame your skin or make it worse. stop using it.

    Fungal infections are a very hard thing to treat. Any doctor will tell you that. I had a toenail with a fungal infection. They had to take off the nail.

    I know you said you tried it all. Make a list of what you tried and what happened with each treatment. Then look on line for other treatments. You said you have no insurance, so start with the basics again and check them off the list. Once you do that, show you doctor what you tried and tell him/her the results of each treatment. There are about 8-10 OTC treatments. Make sure each one you get is a different chemical make up than the last.

    When using OTC creams/lotions, never touch the opening of the tube/bottle. Use a clean/unused Q-Tip or cotton ball each time you touch the opening. This way you won't contaminate the container and the medication inside. If you need more, get a fresh Q-Tip/cotton ball. Don't reuse.

    That's about all the advise I can give you. Good luck

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