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natrajsatish posted:
I am 40 yrs old i got married 7 yrs past, now for an year i have no sex libido to satisfy my partner, pls advice the reason and how to recover from this problem
thimsellaid responded:
For ED problems, you may try some ED pills available for treatment. These medications can enhance you blood flow to improve your condition triggered by some health issues such as hypertension and diabetes. You can find a lot of information from this page:
nohard responded:
Hi this is part of a post I did about a week ago, like you have had ED, your see my name come up as NOHARD, I'm trying to change it on here to NOWHARD, as now I have said go bye to ED, what you will see in the posts if you get to them, believe me does work.
But unlike WebMD says there are some very good natural herbs that will help you out of ED, I'm one of the people who can hold my hand up and say yes they do work.
And do believe getting our blood working good is part of getting over ED.
If anybody wants to look just have a look at these posts, google DRUGS VERSUS HERBS, HERBS MY CHOICE, same title but just add DAILY INTAKE, NOHARDS HERB LIST WITH LINKS, and NOHARDS HERBS FOR ED, PART 2, there 3 to 4 links with most of them, so lots to read, you can take my mix as a guide to see if it works for you, but you can just add or subtract, one thing is I'm now off ginger, but still on the rest.
Do hope this helps some guys.
Good Luck
sarachoi responded:
Take sexual enhancement pills like Tadalafil , Viagra or Cialis.
bigred53 replied to sarachoi's response:
He didn't say he had ED he said he had no libido. What good is an erection if he has no libido/desire? ED meds do not give you the desire to have sex. Sexuality is a lot more than an erection.

I've been with men who have problems getting and maintaining an erection but they still want to have sex all the time. Men do not have to have an erection to climax and ejaculate. Good sex does not always have to be penetrate sex. Just saying.

nohard replied to bigred53's response:
Hi Michelle, For most guys if there libido is low it does give us ED problems, now some of the herbs I take do increase our libidos, both DHEA and Tribulus do this, mix in a couple of other things, and were back in the game.
Worked for me.
lonealaskangypsy responded:
Have you tried talking to your partner about your lack of interest? Perhaps they can help you re-inspire your inner sex drive. Trying new positions, sexual ventures, foreplay, watching risqu? movies, and being open with each other about sexual fantasies could help ignite the passion you feel you've lost.
jox29 responded:
I guess you need some professional medical advice first.

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