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Sharp pain, left side of the chest.
webdev posted:
I've felt like crap all week.. It's started with a headache, that I've had since Monday night. I also had a case of the chills. My mom took my temperature, and it said 102 so we went to the clinic last night and they told me I have a throat infection, and they prescribed 500mg amoxicillin. When I got home I got this really sharp chest pain while sitting down. I felt it when I tried to breathe or get up. We thought it could be gas, so I took some baking soda. That didn't help. The pain gets worse when I lay on my stomach or back. Throughout the day it wasn't bad, until I recently took a nap. Again, the pain truly came back when I turned on my back or stomach, and when I tried to get up. It also was hurting when I took moderately deep breathes. I went to my personal doctor earlier, and she couldn't pick up on anything, everything seemed fine. When I was there, I hardly felt the pain. But like I said, it gained its usual pain again when I layed down not too long ago. The spin also occurs when I bend over. My physician told me if it occurs over the next few days I can go get a chest x-ray, something else (I forget), and a blood test. She's already written the referrals. Is this pain something that I really need to worry about?
webdev responded:
The 3rd was an EKG
An_251837 responded:
Get the tests done asap. My son had a similar experience several years ago and the chest x-ray showed pneumonia.
ricky100 replied to An_251837's response:
I would say that it can be a serious problem so you should make a test of body. Do some exercises after discussion with your doctor. I am sure that your problem will be solved.

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