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is there anyone on here with klinefelters syndrome, I've always felt so alone
An_254941 posted:
Every post on here I've read is from some man around 50 who had naturally lost his testosterone with age, which is common. But I on the other hand am only 26 an have been taking T therapy since 16 years old. I used to be ashamed but i figured the best way to get over something you can't change is to except it am I have. my main reason for finding this site tho was because I no longer have health insurance an cannot afford the androgel.
Should I go back to the needle but do it twice a month instead of one? That way it would be more consistent right? I just worry of the fact I'm stabbing my self with a needle 2 a month for the rest of my life, if I so choose. is this my best option. ??

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Similar situation, if I may recommend Mayo Clinic – search on dercum’s disease
I can relate to your frustration! I too was in a car accident and afterward ended up with some lumps appearing on my lower back in the area ... More
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