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Testicle /Groin Pain
irishguy2014 posted:
I am a 26 male. About 4/5 weeks ago I visited the Doctor with a dull pain in the right side of my groin/ testicle. It is a dull pain like i said however a pain or discomfort i know is there. I went to the doctor thinking it was a swollen lymph node but on examination he found it was not a lymph node but there was a little swelling there. After a few days the pain gradually went away to a point that i did not notice it. However it is still there and in the last few days it has flared up again. The think about this discomfort is that i cannot pin point where it comes from, could be my hip could be groin area or could be testicle. I seems to get worse at night when lying in bed. I do notice the my right testicle however does not seem to be in the "correct place", I could be wrong about this its just with the pain I have been examining down in that region alot. I asked some friends about this and they said it happens them all the time and is just a pulled testicle, but the fact that its ongoing on and off for several weeks make me doubt that. One other thing to note is that I have been extremely stressed over the past 8 weeks not sure if it may have to do with this?? Any advise would be much appreciated.
nohard responded:
Hi Can you remember what you were doing before it come on, and the second time, I mean perhaps a day or two before it come on.
Was you doing any lifting, straining to move something heavy, using your body to move something from an odd angle. Because from what you saying, sound very much lick a strain, and then a restrain, if I'm right then it will like before just go away, by taken it easy as you can.
Do hope this helps.
Good Luck

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