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Vasectomy and Coumadin Therapy
imapoboy2 posted:
I have made the decision to get a vasectomy. I am 45 years old and recently divorced. I just want to make sure I am making the right decision, especially since I am taking Coumadin (Warfarin) for my Aortic Valve replacement.

Would the risks of temporarily stopping Coumadin therapy be worth having the procedure? I would gladly accept any comments... and thanks!
An_254983 responded:
I had a vasectomy at age 33, after our third children. I'm 86 and recently widowed. I have had but one partner; so autoeroticism has and continues to be very important for me. I have not suffered problems of any kind -(recovery was rapid and uneventful) - in fact it contributed to increased sexual satisfaction for both of us (less inhibition - more spontaneity).
One, if not the best thing, I ever did for our mutual pleasure.
P.S. I do see a Urologist annually, as I do for several other
specialist, routinely.
An_255018 responded:
I have been on Warfarin for almost 18 years. When I've had to have any surgery, my doctor has me self-inject heparin for a few days before and afterwards. There are ways to minimize the risk of being off the anticoagulant. Just discuss this with your doctor.
21finish responded:
An_255018 said it best at the end.
"discuss this with your doctor" I would add make sure to discuss with your heart doctor or internist, not just the medical people that would be doing the vasectomy. That procedure is pretty much a piece of cake now; even back in the 80s it was not much of a problem with bleeding or pain. Now I suspect it is even better with smaller instruments and newer procedures. But please, "discuss this with your doctor"
nohard responded:
Hi had it done in 76, well worth having done, you can change your middle name to Martini just as the advert says!
But never had any problems after the very short in the UK.
But you need to discus it with all the meds you under and the med who's doing the op, so there all informed of the meds your on, that every body know just what's going on.
Hope this helps you.
Good Luck

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