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CBC Resuts inconsistent. Should i be concerned?
jacobson00 posted:
hi, [br>[br>I have been having a lot of different kinds of symptoms over the past year that are concerning. Some symptoms include fatigue light headache, sympton sort of like having the cold, Erectile disfunction .. Recently I had some blood work drawn CBC, twice, in may and september. [br>In May, they couldn't get the platelet count because minute fibrin strand. unable t report due to clumping but it says platelet count appear normal [br>September results [br>WBC, RBC, Hematocrit, MCV, MCHC are within range and normal., they were also ok in may. [br>hemoglobin is low at 13.1 (13.2-17.1g/dl) but it was ok in may [br>MCH is low at 26.8 (27.0-33.0) [br>RDW is high at 15.2 (11.0-15.0) but it was ok in may [br>MPV is HIgh at 12.8 (7.5-15.0) [br>[br>what worries the most are the platelet count, low at 132 (140-400). [br>[br>these were all within range and normal. [br>ABSOLUTE NEUTROPHILS [br>ABSOLUTE LYMPHOCYTES [br>ABSOLUTE MONOCYTES [br>ABSOLUTE EOSINOPHILS [br>ABSOLUTE BASOPHILS [br>NEUTROPHILS [br>LYMPHOCYTES [br>MONOCYTES [br>EOSINOPHILS [br>BASOPHILS [br>[br>the doctor feels it's nothing to worry about, but how can you not.i am freaked out i am a 35 yrs old male. [br>i wanted to redo the tests. I am very worried.

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