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ultra sound
marv3 posted:
Hi All, I am new to this and I hope I will find some answers/info on my following health concern. My doctor wasn't very informative so I am reaching out to get some answers. I had an Ultra sound on my upper abdominal and the results showed that I have a tumor on my gallbladder as well as I have a fatty liver. Can a radiologist determine if the tumor on my gallbladder is malignant or benign as well as if my liver is in fact a fatty liver from an ultrasound? There are no biopsies schedule as my family physician feels I have no reason to worry. I am concerned, as my father had bile duct cancer that spread quickly throughout his body and passed away at an early age. I appreciate your replies. Thank you all in advance.
sluggo45692 responded:
Go back to the doctor.
Express your concerns and your family history. If your doctor doesn't do anything, find another doctor. Pretty stupid of a doctor not to biopsy or remove the gallbladder with a known tumor and a family history of cancer in that area. You need your concerns calmed and a good explanation for non-treatment.

Good Luck

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