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Androgel withdrawal
britboy63 posted:
I have been taking Androgel for several years after my doctor diagnosed me with hypogonadism (low testosterone).I have always wondered about the wisdom of taking it. Since my wife is not interested in sex there is no imperative to take for that reason. Is it wise from a health perspective to quit. What is the best way to quitT
nohard responded:
Hi Britboy, Not from England are you?
Ok here's a link from WebMD it covers most things apart fron coming off it.
But If I remember right the boss on has said that by going on testosterone replacement can shut down your own testosterone side of your body.
But coming off Androlgel, your testosterone levels will decrease, and that will make you feel tired, and possibly have hot flashes. This usually improves after few weeks, especially if your body was able to produce it's own testosterone.
But you would need to see how it goes, I would slowly decrease it weekly, and see how you feel, but you can always start doing some exercise and do some lite weight lifting, by doing this it should raise your own natural testosterone.
Hope this helps you.
Good Luck

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