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Blood in seman/urine after cyst. Any relation?
steve12511 posted:
I was recently (one and a half weeks ago) treated for a sebaceous cyst in the pubic region. I was given a steroids injection into the cyst and put on Monodox. Out of nowhere tonight, after masturbating I noticed there was blood everywhere in the seman. The tissue I used was covered in blood and it was quite scary. After urinating a few minutes later it looked like I was just peeing blood. It even looked like I pissed out a blood clot or two. I am wonder (and hoping) that this is all related to my cyst that has almost cleared up. If not, I am worried and wondering what I should do and what could cause this.

Also, I do not know if it matters but I have forgotten to take the Monodox for the past two days. I was told to take it for another week and a half or until I run out.

Thanks in advance for any advice or insight.

Oh and I am a 25 year old male who has never had a cyst before or any blood coming out of anywhere but cuts and scrapes.
nohard responded:
Hi I would give it 24 hours and see what its doing then, if your still getting blood in your urine go see your doctor, it could just be a reaction to the steroid, was this on you scrotum?

Good Luck
steve12511 replied to nohard's response:
No it was in my pubic region a few inches above everything. The thing was that the shot was a week and a half ago which is why I was concerned. I have not had any blood in the urine since last night though and probably will refrain from any sexual activities for a few days just to play it safe.
nohard replied to steve12511's response:
Hi, I would think of masturbating every other day, reason just to see if your still getting any blood in you seamen, it could be that a small blood vessel somehow got nicked or broke, and now healed, it happens, could be from say over masturbating, us men will do this at times.

Good Luck

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