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Sleep Apnea, No perscription?
dispatch8761 posted:
Has anyone heard of this company that allows you to get a prescription without seeing a doctor? Is this something that can be done or is there something I'm missing? Has anyone tried to use them before? Please let me know if someone can help. My current machine broke and I haven't slept well for some time now. Any help would be appreciated.
davedsel2 responded:
I have been sleeping with CPAP for obstructive sleep apnea since September 2001. I would never trust any place - internet or otherwise - that would provide any type of treatment without a doctor's diagnosis and prescription.

If cost is an issue, then discuss this with your primary doctor. My wife has very poor Obamacare and our primary doctor manages her sleep apnea and CPAP needs.

Once you have a script from your doctor. you can go to a place like CPAP Xpress for lower-cost equipment and supplies.
sluggo45692 responded:
C-Pap is a medical device and I wouldn't trust a web site to just send me one. Check with you local medical supplier and find out how you can apply for assistance or work out a deal. The first thing they will ask is do you have a perscription. It's federal law that they can't dispence any device with out a perscription. Even if you have a machine, you have to have a current perscription.
I've slept with a C-Pap for over 5 years now. I can't even imagine not sleeping with it now. If I nap with out it, it's not a good nap.
Please go see your doctor. Your life depends on it. Your C-Pap helps your sleep, which helps keep your blood pressure undercontrol, allows you to get through the day and keeps you well. You can't work or drive safely if your sleepy.

Good Luck

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