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prostate bleeding excessively
hodgesnflorida posted:
had proton therapy radiation 6 years ago. After a vigorous workout had a 12 hour bleeding episode with clots in urine the entire time. Ended up in the ER room and catheter. Urologist felt I burst a blood vessel. Next month was rough. Passed blood clots for 6-10 hours every 4 or 5 days. Learned that if I drank water continuously during those episodes the clots passed and I could avoid ER room visits. Doc put me on pentoxifylline and Vitamin E 3 times daily. I have stopped "all' physical activity (no gym, running, golf, sex, exercise, etc) and for about 1 week now, no clots. Still see 'very very light" blood at beginning of urination - drugs seem to be working. The sysoscopy showed bladder fine - upstream all fine - bleeding in bladder channel. The question is, does this drug combo stop bleeding and heal my bleeding and if so - does anyone have a feel for how long. the doc said the drugs did not work, a hyperbaric oxygen is next.

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