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White spots on penis
An_257025 posted:
I was wondering if anyone had this as well. I went to the doctor and he said they weren't warts and to ask dermatology...but my appointment is in two months. They seem like little white heads on the shaft, nothing on the tip, they arent rough in a way, and they seem to smooth out when erect however they are embarrassing.
nohard responded:
Hi I think you find that what your looking at is Fordyce Spots,
Just google that and look at the images,
Hope this helps.
Good Luck
An_257025 replied to nohard's response:
I looked up those, I do have those as well underneath but on the top its like a few scattered white head looking type of things. I have no idea. And my derm appointment is so far its kind of annoying
nohard replied to An_257025's response:
Hi As I don't know how old you are, could be you are in need of some sex, that's what I was told as a very young man, if not just put a hottish towel on them, and squeeze them out, may be your only way to get rid of them, would save putting creams on the all the time.
When you get rid of any do they keep coming back?

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