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Really bad razor burn
An_257025 posted:
Last week I attempted to use a razor to groom down below the belt for the first time. Usually I just trim and call it a day but I wanted to see if this would be better. I got really bad razor burn, my skin was bright red and bumpy (I used a new blade and shaving cream too) for a few days

To this day its still a bit bumpy and it kind of looks like little blisters that aren't going away on my lower stomach. Is that normal? And what are some ways to make this go away? Ive tried tea tree oil, acne lotion, hydrocortizon...
nohard responded:
Hi Its great way to learn, doing it the first time, OK you first problem is the bumps, well these are ingrowing hairs, just pick the tope with a clean needle, you see the hair inside, just flick it out and pluck away, next day gone and healed, yes that quick.
The reason you got these was trying for areal close shave, and you shaved upwards, sorry wrong you just always shave the way the hair grows, ie downwards, do that and you don't get ingrowing hairs.
If you want to keep it clean, just get in the habit of shaving your face and down below at the same time, you will end doing below as quick as your face, after just put a bit of baby oil on it.
Do hope this helps.
Good Luck

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