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T levels
Anon_8089 posted:
Anyone been able to raise T levels naturally?

Got a test done recently and not happy with low T results.
nohard responded:
Hi They say if you want to raise them naturally, get out and exercise, go lift some weights, try doing some of the extreme caveman workouts.

But its all down to getting out there and working hard.

If not there is DHEA, its a hormone, raises testosterone, lifts your libido, and kicks up you energy levels, But do have a good read up about it, and it can have the odd funny side effect with the odd person, but don't worry it all goes if you stop taken them.

There's Tribulus, its a herb, runs along the same lines as DHEA, takes around 8 weeks to get to full power, backs up DHEA.

Or there's Clomid, it works by shutting down oestrogen and this releases more natural testosterone, they say.

On most of this for ED, but if your T's are down do you have a problem with beard growth then? its a good sign our T's are down, also funny hair growth, and not getting erections

Hope something here helps.

Good Luck
netind77 replied to nohard's response:
Great responce

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