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severe headache/dizziness
jbancroft posted:
hello all,
I realize this is something I should probably see a dr for, but I havent been able to yet as im still in process of finding a dr and making appointment while i'm not working.
in the meantime i was hoping to gather some idea of whether or not this sounds serious...
My wife and I were having sex and just as I was about to finish i got a cramp in my foot (not out of the ordinary), followed by a shooting pain on the right side of my head.
Now I dont get headaches too often, but i know what one is and this wasnt a normal headache. It felt like someone stabbed me in the head with a steak knife.
I felt like i was going to vomit but didn't. then i tried to stand up and was dizzy. i tried to shake it off and go back to sex (i AM a guy afterall) but it happened again as I came close to finishing.
It lasted a good half hour of pain so strong i wanted to ram my head into a wall.
My wife seemed to think it was sinus pressure and downplayed it a bit (because she's my wife and assumes i am overreacting).
so i tried to blow my nose and noticed a small amount of blood from my nose.
I put a hot towel on my head and fell asleep and probably was still in pain while i was sleeping because I was dreaming about having brain surgery.
I tend to want to believe the congestion theory, but I havent felt all that stuffed up leading up to this.
Since then (occured 2 nights ago) i feel a bit off my game. slightly disoriented and i get light headed if i move too fast.
I haven't tried sex again, but since I'm married that probably won't come back around for a few more months. haha.
thanks for the anticipated help.
oh, and probaby unrelated, but i dont usually have nightmares, or remember my dreams at all, but have had some pretty disturbing ones lately.
jbancroft responded:
in the interest of full disclosure i feel i should mention a few more things..
this incident occured on monday night. the night before, I played baseball as i do every week and I felt rather out of it and had some pain in my head/dizziness though not at this scale at all. I chalked it up to minor heat stroke or dehydration as the temp was over 100... though i tried to keep putting water in me.
yesterday I tried going into the pool with the kids but had to get out because of my head/dizziness.
Thanks again.
nohard replied to jbancroft's response:
Hi Its not the kind of question to be answered on here. but from what your saying and the problems it giving you, if you cant see your doctor, please get to an ER, sometimes the smallest things are precursor's for something bigger.

Good Luck

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