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urethral burning ammonia-like smell after very spicy food
An_258380 posted:
Hello -

A couple of years ago I started eating spicy food - very spicy food. At times I would add a spoonful of chili powder to my food. Over the months I started noticing a strong burning sensation while peeing right after eating the spicy food. This burning sensation would last tempararily and would go away until I ate hot and spicy food again. After going through this really unpleasant experience for nearly 2 years, I have stopped eating spicy food now - it has been almost a week that I haven't had any spicy food and hence the burning sensation down there. However, I have noticed over the past week that the *last few drops* of my urine stream have a very strong ammonia like smell. I am completely perplexed as 99% of my urine stream smells perfectly normal but the last few drops (especially if I cough or just try to empty the bladder) have ammonia-like smell. My question is do you know what might be causing this? Secondly, is it common to get urethral / bladder infections by this long term consumption of overly spicy food? Please advice, and thank you in advance for your counsel and support.
nohard responded:
Hi This could be from you just giving up spicy foods and hot chilli's, its your body saying where's my hot food.

And hot spicy food is very good for you, your heart, your blood, it gets rid of plaque which is the main thing for high cholesterol, it clogs up your arteries, and very good for prostate health.

So try this see if it helps to knock out the ammonia from your urine.

Like me I take cayenne pepper each morning, yes and like you can feel it when I pee, you mix CP with tomato paste, and thin this down with some good olive oil, now you do this in a 10 ox jar to a heat that suits you, you take 3 small teaspoons first thing each morning, wash each one down with water, to give this some extra help try adding chopped garlic, this is also very good for your blood, I do a whole head in a 10 oz jar and mix again with some good olive oil, just add each day a small teaspoonful into the top of the CP,

All very good for you.

Good Luck
nohard responded:
Hi Food for thought, read this link you may find it interesting?

May not be ammonia-like smell, but could help you.

Good Luck

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