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Bruising Concern on Penis - Peyronie disease
An_258581 posted:
I was playing basketball and someone went up and the knee hit my penis. It bruised to about the size of a Nickel. Is there any need to be concerned and does this increase my risk for peyronie disease from this injury.
nohard responded:
Hi, Most experts believe that Peyronie's disease is likely the consequence of a minor penile trauma.
The most common source of this type of penile trauma is thought to be vigorous sexual activity (e.g., bending of the penis during penetration, pressure from a partner's pubic bone, etc.) although injuries from sports or accidents may also play a role. Injury to the tunica albuginea may trigger a cascade of inflammatory and cellular events resulting in a process called fibrosis, a medical term for formation of excessive scar tissue. This abnormal scar tissue in turn forms the plaque of Peyronie's disease.

So as you can see a sports trauma could do it, but its a thing only time will tell, but as long as this is the only time you should be OK.

Good Luck
boblawrence6 replied to nohard's response:
Is it something where if I did not develop scarring in the next few weeks than I will not develop Peyronie Disease as a result of this injury or do doctors think I can show up years later from an injury like this?
nohard replied to boblawrence6's response:
Hi The problem is it cant be seen till you start getting a bend in your penis, which for most is to the left, but it can bend up or down.
So its not until then that you need some help.
So sit back enjoy life, put this event way back in your mind and have some fun
Good Luck

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