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Weird peeling on the head of my Penis. Not sexually active.
Well I am currently on vacation in Mexico visiting family that I haven't seen in years.

A couple days ago (after being in Mexico about a month without any illness) the head of my (sorry if I offend anyone with the following word I didn't read anything about it's use in the Terms Of Use) Penis started to feel itchy but I didn't think much about it and figured it would go away. The next day the itch was still there and I finally took a look at it in the shower and saw that the head of my Penis was peeling. There was no blood it was just peeling like if I had gotten a sunburn.

It doesn't hurt to take off the peeling skin, it just kind of hurts to pull back the skin covering my penis head (I am not circumcised). Then it burns for a little while after I take off the peeling skin.

I am not sexually active so I knew this didn't belong in the STD Community.

There are no red spots or anything out of the ordinary besides the skin peeling on the head.

It takes a couple hours for the skin to grow back. After a full day of not cleaning the head I just get peeled skin build-up and it starts to itch.

I take a shower everyday.

I'm not peeling from anywhere else nor do I itch anywhere else it's just on the head of my penis.

I wear boxers and they don't make any contact with my penis head.

I'm in my early twenties.

Any ideas on what it is? I don't want to see a doctor down here because I am in a little town and the doctor here isn't any good. I just want to get a rough idea of what it could be and how serious it is.
Sheldon Marks, MD responded:
Could be a fungal yeast type infection or perhaps an allergic type reaction to something you ate, or even the soap or detergents to wash your clothes or something from the ocean or water if you have been swimming or diving. I suggest you go to the local pharmacy and buy an anti-fungal cream. Like in the US, as in Mexico, the pharmacists can be very helpful and help you find the best anti-fungal cream. You should also get an anti-inflammation steroid cream to reduce the swelling.
huheuhduhd responded:
I have the same exact problem but im 14 and im a full virgin. What should i do?
john_dugan responded:
Possibly a yeast infection or sensitive skin reaction. An over-the-counter antifungal cream can help if it is a yeast infection. Try using sensitive skin cleansers instead of regular soap in the shower, and wear only cotton underwear. A penis health cream can help with the itching and dryness - just don't apply any creams to open sores.

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