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heat rash???
An_205642 posted:
I'm a 23yr old male. i work in manufacturing in a warehouse style building wich can get quite hot. my question is can i a grown male develop a heat rash on my penis? or should i go get tested for the possibility of an STD???
HairyD responded:
Dude, std testing would be based on your sex partners. If you scoring with a number of female this should be considered. But if it is the heat of the building and not the bed. I think you have jock itch / rash. You may have your father or a male friend look You should get some medcine on the counter. I had a friend in college that drive a tractor for a summer job. He had let his penis and stocum lost a few layers of outer skin. He was in pain before he visted a doctor for treatment. Keep us posted
Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi and welcome to WebMD,

The only way to know for sure what this is, is to have it be examined by your medical provider. Get it checked out so you know. Even if it's only a heat rash, that's uncomfortable enough and the sooner you know what you're dealing with, the sooner it can be properly treated before it worsens. :-)
retireddd responded:
Go to walmart and get Athlete's foot liquid spray. It works better than anything the doctor gave me. He also made me start wearing boxer shorts.
beebx2 responded:
my guess is that the "heat rash" you have is actually a Yeast Infection----- treat it with an over the counter med such as Micatin
or Lamisil.

I've been diabetic for 23 years and we have a tendency to get yeastie beasties due to high sugar content in urine.

There are yeast spores everywhere and they like warm moist dark places.

The experience I have had with the spray jock itch med is extremely painful and the creams work better and don't hurt.

Try the OTC stuff 3 X per day before you schedule a Dr. App. If it isn't lots better in three days then the Dr. will be the next choice.

What the other person wrote about your sex partners is another big consideration. Put Helmet on that soldier!!!!!!!!!!

hope you find the solution.

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