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Please Advise--Staying Erect ALL the Time
An_205653 posted:
My boyfriend (45) has recently began having problems staying erect ALL the time. He has not had this problem since puberty. Last night, we had sex 3 times in 5 hours and he orgasimed each time. We've been together 2.5 years and this has never happened. For a while he was having problems with ED...1 or 2 times out of 10, he couldn't get hard. Since Wednesday or Thursday of last week, he stays that way. He took an ED pill Saturday night before we went to a swingers club, and orgasimed twice within an hour (a couple of hours after taking the pill). This has never happened, either. He's having to masterbate multiple times during the day (even at work) and it's causing some obvious problems. Is this "normal" or is this something we need to have checked out?
gymrat44 responded:
You are saying that the situtation is "causing some obvious problems" -- that should indicate that it is a problem itself which should be checked out by a urologist -- soon!
Sheldon Marks, MD responded:
Prolonged erections (priapism is a painful erection not associated with sexual stimulation) can be a sign of some serious problems such as Sickle cell or some cancers or other issues -perhaps he is taking more ED meds than he is admitting to. Any way, he needs to see a urologist soon if this continues.
Nakisha82 responded:
Things finally adjusted themselves back to normal. It was like he was a teenager again for a week or so, now he's calmed back down.
Sheldon Marks, MD replied to Nakisha82's response:
If it comes back be sure to get things evaluated ASAP. In fact, I would suggest you see a urologist just to be sure all is okay....the problem could be an early warning sign of something very serious.

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